SOF Prep Training Sample Workouts

SOF 365 is a progressive system that will work you up to peak physical shape. You can choose either barbell or sandbag for your strength cycle. Every day is a new workout minus strength cycles where you work off percentages of your 1 Rep or 3 Rep Max.
Check out these sample workouts. These are functional movements that will actually prepare your body for your goal. 

Workouts as follows: 

3 Days On 1 Day Recovery 2 Days On 1 Day Rest

Workouts range from 30 min to 1 hour. 

365 Days of pre Programmed Training. You own it! PDF Download. If you lose your file we can resend you a new one as long as you have the email you purchased with. 

Link HERE: 



Day 1:

Warm Up: 400m Jog Complete Stretch Top to Bottom

5 Rounds:
50m Sprint
10 Power Cleans at 95#/65#

Cool Down: 1 Mile Run Complete Stretch Top To Bottom

Day 2:

Warm Up: 100m Bear Crawl Complete Stretch Top to Bottom

5 Mile Ruck with As Much Weight As Possible (AMWAP) 

Cool Down: 3 Min Plank Hold with Ruck On Top To Bottom Stretch


Day 3: 

Warm Up:
200m Jog, 3 Rounds: 20 Alternating Step Ups, 10 Sandbag Cleans, 10 Pull Ups



100 Alternating Lunges (Advanced Athletes Used 20# Object in Front Rack)

50 Alternating Step Ups (Advanced Athletes Used 20# Object in Front Rack)

100m Bear Crawl

Cool Down: 800m Jog Complete Stretch