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SOF Prep Training Sample Workouts

Welcome to SOF Prep Training. Fitness Training developed by Operators that get results. You will complete movements that are designed to prep you for SOF Selection.  Check out these sample workouts. These are functional movements that will actually prepare your body for your goal. 

SOF 365 is a progressive system that will work you up to peak physical shape.
You can choose either barbell or sandbag for your strength cycle.

Every day is a new workout minus strength cycles where you work off percentages of your 1 Rep or 3 Rep Max.
Workouts take 30 - 45 minutes in most cases. Endurance training will take longer. You can easily scale or modify any workout to suit your needs. 

Workouts as follows: 

3 Days On 1 Day Recovery 2 Days On 1 Day Rest

Workouts range from 30 min to 1 hour. 

365 Days of pre Programmed Training. You own it! PDF Download. If you lose your file we can resend you a new one as long as you have the email you purchased with. 

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Day 1:

Warm Up: 400m Jog Complete Stretch Top to Bottom

5 Rounds:
50m Sprint
10 Power Cleans at 95#/65#

Cool Down: 1 Mile Run Complete Stretch Top To Bottom

Day 2:

Warm Up: 100m Bear Crawl Complete Stretch Top to Bottom

5 Mile Ruck with As Much Weight As Possible (AMWAP) 

Cool Down: 3 Min Plank Hold with Ruck On Top To Bottom Stretch


Day 3: 

Warm Up:
200m Jog, 3 Rounds: 20 Alternating Step Ups, 10 Sandbag Cleans, 10 Pull Ups



100 Alternating Lunges (Advanced Athletes Used 20# Object in Front Rack)

50 Alternating Step Ups (Advanced Athletes Used 20# Object in Front Rack)

100m Bear Crawl

Cool Down: 800m Jog Complete Stretch



Sample Training Day from SOF Prep AOTS Tier 1 
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Day 2:

Warm Up: 4 x 200m Runs at 65% Full Sprint Pace, 5 Min Plank in Leaning Rest, 5 Min Wall Sit, 100 4 Count Jumping Jack, 50 Ice Skaters

Stretching and Mobility: Perform a complete stretching routine of your choice. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP

Strength: Work Up to 3 Rep Max Push Press Your 3 Rep Max
Swim, Row or Bike: 30 Minutes of Swim, Bike or Row 75% of Full Sprint Pace

High Intensity: AFAP: 2 Rounds

50 Burpees Over Sandbag 30#
50m Down and Back Shuttle Sprint 50 Sandbag Ground to Overhead 30# 50m Down and Back Shuttle Sprint 50 Push Ups
50m Down and Back Shuttle Sprint

Mindset Training: 20 Minutes on the Clock Plank Hold - Every Time you drop to your knees 5 Burpees (keep clock running)

Cool Down: Perform a complete stretching routine of your choice. Foam Roll. Hydrate and Fuel your Body DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP


CSS Swim Prep Training Day Sample: 

Day 8:

Warm Up: 4 x 50m Laps at 60% Pace Stretch as needed between laps.

1 25 M Sprint CSS ( down)
1 50 M Sprint CSS (down and back) 1 100 M Sprint CSS (4 Laps)
1 50 M (down and back)
1 25 M (down)

Rest 5 Minutes
7 Minute Treading Session 2 Minutes No Arms (keep your hands above water)

Cool Down: Stretch, Foam Roll, Hydrate and Refuel

Journal: (take 2 minutes and write down some notes, what worked well, what didn’t, weaknesses etc.)



If you have questions on what program is right for you or want to get a SOF Prep Assessment send your current scores to Please allow us 24 hours to review and reply. May take longer on Weekends or Holidays.