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About SOF Prep Training

SOF Prep Training has been working with Pre SOF Candidates and Tactical Athletes since 2012. Our development team has worked with numerous Military Fitness companies training athletes, coaching, running events and prepping those interested in a Career in Special Forces. 

We have programmed thousands of workouts, coached thousands for SOF Selection Prep, Active Duty SOF Operators, Athletes from High School to Professional. 

Our system was born from the early days of CrossFit (circa 2007) and combined with years of flushing out the bad practices and implementing the good. Working with a Core to Extremity mindset. We build your foundation first with our Crawl. Walk. Run training philosophy. Our program has been refined by Active, Former and Retired Operators from multiple branches and countries as well as civilian fitness professionals. 

The system combines Strength. Power. Endurance and Mental Toughness through pre programmed workouts in easy to follow PDF eBooks that require no membership, internet and can be printed on standard paper. 

Click HERE to learn more and see sample workouts.

We keep it simple, keep it functional and focus on the goal. No shortcuts, no gimmicks, no false promises. These workouts are hard, they are time consuming, they require a positive mindset and a never quit work ethic. These are professional level workouts.

If your goal is SOF Selection for Special Forces. You will get results. But only if you show up and motivate yourself each day. We never said this would be easy. We promise this will be worth it. 

If you have questions about our training programs please contact us at: 

If you have questions about SOF Selection please contact the proper recruiter. 


SOF Prep HQ Staff