SOF Prep 365 Version 2 Pre Order All New Workouts

SOF Prep 365 Version 2 Pre Order All New Workouts

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Pre Order SOF Prep Training's All New 365 Day Training Plan! 

Limited Pre Order Offer. SOF Prep is dropping a brand new 365 Day Training Plan in April. You can PRE ORDER and Save 50%!!

This is all new workouts. Building off the foundation of SOF Prep 365 Version 1. You will push harder, get stronger and be an asset to your team!


No Excuses! 


SOF Prep Training presents a complete 365 Day Training System. Ideal for SOF Candidates and advanced tactical athletes!

Each Day is a new workout targeting 4 key phases of training: Strength, Power, Endurance and Mental Toughness!

We have created a 100+ Page Downloadable Training eBook. Each workout is unique and designed to target a specific area. Core to Extremity.

This can easily be completed at a Home Gym, CrossFit Box, Regular Gym, School or College Training Facility.

We target Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Durability, Power and More.