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Hybrid Operator Training

Hybrid Operator Training

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Welcome to the Hybrid Operator Training (HOT) Program. 

90 Days of Workouts. Strength. Power. Endurance and Mental Toughness!!

Combining our Best Selling Training Programs creating a truly unique and effective method of Functional Fitness.

For many the Volume of Tier 1 is just too much. For others our 180 and 365 Day Systems are not enough...

The Hybrid Tier Training HTT gives you the BEST OF BOTH Training Models.

You will get Tier 1 Volume Challenges, SOF 365 Level Strength Cycles and Classic SOF PT.  Carefully programmed into your weekly Battle Rhythm!

3 days of SOF 365 Level Strength and Conditioning.

1 Day of Active LSD Recovery

2 Days of TIER 1 Challenges

1 Full Day of Rest!

HTT Hybrid Tier Training is the ultimate blend of Tactical Fitness!

No Excuses!!

Just Results!

Pre Order TODAY!!!

Sample Workout: 

Day 1:

Warm Up Routine


Warm Up Per SOP

Barbell Back Squats 95# (# = pounds)
10 Rounds of 10 Reps

Or Sandbag Back Squats 50#
10 Rounds of 20 Reps

Maintain FORM!!! If you feel your form failing, reduce reps to the number your form broke. You should go unbroken on all these movements. If you can’t go lighter. Slow is SMOOTH!

Then: 4 Rounds
20 Sandbag Get Ups
20 Dive Bomber Push Ups 20 Pull Ups
20 Step Ups with Sandbag on Back Rack


Cool Down Per SOP.