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45 Day BUD/S Challenge

45 Day BUD/S Challenge

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We have a new challenge for you! This is not a workout program. It's much much more than that!

We want to give you a taste of BUD/s!  Each day is a new CHALLENGE! You will be put to the test with intense BUD/s Level Evolutions including: Log PT, Boat PT, Grinder PT, Rucking, Running and even Surf Torture!! HOOYAH! 


Are you ready? 


Pre Order NOW and Save! We will email the program by June 6th, 2020. 


Each Day you will face a new challenging workout directly from the Beaches and Grinder of BUD/s in Coronado California. 

Finish off with a 6 Day HELL WEEK Challenge!!! 


Anyone can do this. Take on each challenge as prescribed OR scale as needed. Get it done!

Minimal Equipment is needed: Sand Bag, Ruck with Weight, Pull Up Bar, Grinder Area and a Never Quit Mindset! 

Who will make it the whole 45 DAYS? Who will QUIT!