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Special Forces Tactical Boots | SOF Prep Approved Combat Boots and Trail Running Shoes for Training

One of the most important aspects of training is your shoes. If your feet fail, you fail. It's that simple. This is why choosing the proper footwear for training is crucial. Technology has come a long way and gone are the days of leather Bates boots or your grandad's jungle boots. Brand like Nike, Salomon, Under Armor and Lowa hold center court. 

Here's SOF Prep Trainings Top 5 Combat or Tactical Boots and our Top 5 Trail Running or EDC Every Day Shoes. 

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Top 5 Tactical Boots for Special Forces 

Special Forces Tactical Footwear

Nike's Tactical Boot is one of the best on the market. It's also Standard Issue at BUD/s Training. The Navy SEAL Selection Process. 

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Nike SFB Gen 2 8" Boot